This Year

Apr 2024 Started using Github Copilot Mar 2024 Started using ChatGPT Tested Apple In-App Purchase Tested MUI Feb 2024 Trivial development tests. (python image manipulation 누끼, exceljs, npm module publish) Jan 2024 blender (for 3d printing modeling)

Year 2023

Dec 2023 Rectjs test project (reactjs, react-dom, react-router-dom, recoil, styled-component) Firebase Cloud Messaging + iOS PWA Nov 2023 Turn off Raspberry Pi 1 Beelink Mini-S Sep 2023 - NestJs, NestJS with serverless, Sentry, Migrating Firebase project into NestJS + Serverless Jun 2023 - Bitwarden May, Jun, Jul 2023 - IoT Toy Home Assistant : Running on Raspberry Pi 3 Wemos D1 mini(ESP8266) : Programmable WiFi controller (collects data or control switch/relay) ESPHome : Deployable firmware with YAML configuraion DHT11 : Temperature humidity sensor DS18B20 : Temperature sensor Relay : Toggle switch BMP180 : Air pressure sensor HC-SR501 : Passive Infrared sensor WS2812 : Addressable LED Analog AC Current Sensor : Failed to deploy (cannot get precise value, don’t know product’s defect or inproper wiring or compatibility issue) tpLink P110 : Smart Plug provides measuring power consumption Wemos D1 R1 : just tested.
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2023 Beelink Mini S

Beelink Mini S I wasn’t satisfied by Pico PC so, I bought another mini PC. the Beelink Mini S Here are some specs. CPU : Intel N95 Memory : 8GB SSD : 256GB Display Output : HDMI x 2 USB : USB-A x 4 Ethernet : 1 GbE x 1 Wifi : Wifi 5 Better than Pico PC Silent : most important Pico PC doesn’t include PWM controlled FAN.
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2023 Esp8266 Ir Remote

ESP8266 + IR Receiver + IR Transmitter When I was using raspberry pi, I bought a IR transceiver module for Arduino. and used it for several years. IR transceiver And this year, I am interested in ESP8266, so I bought another IR receiver, IR transmitter. Installed. Install esp8266 and voltage converter on breadboard. Install IR receiver and IR transmitter in front of tv
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Raspberry Pi 1

My Raspberry Pi 1 Bought : ₩58,000 2013/04/24 with : PiFace, BOARD, I/O EXPANSION, RASPBERRY-PI (₩48,570) At First : install raspbian. tested relay, and tested led on PiFace As a IR Remote controller : telegram-bot-try2, 2019 May IoT project As a Thermal sensor : finally just read DHT11 temperature/humidity and send it to the server. #!/bin/bash export API_URL=https://public-api.
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Esphome Relay Fan

ESPHOME + Relay + FAN ESP8266 PCB ESPHOME esphome:name:sixesp8266:board:d1_mini# Enable logginglogger:# Enable Home Assistant APIapi:password:""ota:password:""wifi:ssid:!secret wifi_ssidpassword:!secret wifi_password# Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection failsap:ssid:!secret wifi_fb_ssidpassword:!secret wifi_fb_passwordcaptive_portal:# Example configuration entryswitch:- platform:gpiopin:GPIO4name:"Switch2"inverted:true- platform:gpiopin:GPIO5name:"Switch3"inverted:true- platform:gpiopin:GPIO12name:"Switch4"inverted:true- platform:gpiopin:GPIO13name:"Switch5"inverted:true- platform:gpiopin:GPIO14name:"Switch6"inverted:trueHome Assistant automation Turn on when RPi4’s temperature is above 58 alias:rpi4-coolingdescription:""trigger:- platform:numeric_stateentity_id:sensor.rpi4_temperatureabove:58condition:[]action:- type:turn_ondevice_id:98f3c834a50732c3b8981d0d5925158aentity_id:186a943f4f7f486e95ce2bb1c6751a7fdomain:switchmode:single Turn off when RPi4’s temperature is below 50 alias:rpi4-cooling-stopdescription:""trigger:- platform:numeric_stateentity_id:sensor.
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2023 Pico PC

Bought Pico PC I bought Pico PC via indiegogo fundraising several months ago.Oct 2022 - Bought Pico PC Long-waited Pico PC is just arrived today First impression Booting the box. Next. the boring win10 boot sequence starts.. (before installing ubuntu, let’s see what is win10, what it looks like) (yeah, it is windows 10. I don’t need windows 10.
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