Tech Lead Engineer, DevOps Engineer of LASTORDER (since 2020/04)

What I am most proud of (anyone can do, but not everyone does do)

  • LDAP (OpenLDAP) : Authentication for system authentication (From simple web services to Linux, Windows, VPN, AWS Identity Federation)
  • VPN (OpenVPN) : Uses VPN Server to access AWS Private resources, Uses same VPN to provide remote access for office.
  • Jupyter (Jupyter Hub + Jupyter Lab) : When there is not enough time to implement a elegant web/desktop application, uses Jupyter to do a simple job.

What I do like everyone does

  • Cloud Engineering : Design AWS Cloud Architecture using Cloudformation, ECS, EC2, …
  • DevOps : Support and design application deployments.
  • Backend Development : Design and develop system using Python, NodeJs, etc.

What I do occasionally. as a side project or for fun.

  • Simple prototype projects : simple web project with django + HTML, build simple iOS application with SwiftUI.

Professional Experiences

2020 ~ Now

  • Role : DevOps Engineer + Backend Developer
  • Skill/Tech : AWS Operations
  • Tooling
    – Python Django
    – NodeJS
    – ElasticAPM
    – AWS Fargate, Lambda, CloudWatch, CodeDeploy, SQS, SNS, S3, EC2, …
    – Github, TravisCI


  • Role : System Engineer
  • Skill/Tech : OpenStack operation
  • Tooling
    – OpenStack
    – Django (for monitoring)
    – PostgreSQL

2018 ~ 2019

  • Role : Solution Engineer, In-house team tooling.
  • Skill/Tech : Python, (windows server)
  • Tooling
    – HMI Tool(SCADA) by domestic.
    – Python, db connectivity, Tkinter(UI), socket, XMLRPC
    – Oracle DB, SQLite3, csv, …
    – manual RCS …

2014 ~ 2016

  • Role : In-house development, Company IT system administration.
  • Skill/Tech : Java
  • Tooling
    – Java, Spring, Maven, Jenkins, … (Most of the tooling, I guess)
    – iOS
    – OpenStack
    – Network, Server(Linux, …)

2006 ~ 2016

  • Role : WAS Engineer, Solution Engineer, SI Project with solution, Solution maintenance
  • Skill/Tech : WAS, Java, SSO/PKI, Spring
  • Tooling/Products
    – Oracle Application Server 10g
    – Oracle WebLogic
    – Softforum SSO
    – Softforum Crypto
    – Softforum PKI
    – Jennifersoft Jennifer
  • just glimpsed.
    – Oracle JDEdwards Enterprise One 8.12 tools 8.97
    – IBM WebSphere
    – MiPlatform(UI Tool) – 2006
    – many other UI toolings. (ezgen, tango, …)
    – Report Designer(Reporting Tool) – 2006
    – Empirix(Load testing Tool) – 2006 – 2008
    – OATS(Load testing Tool) – 2006 – 2008
    – Vignette Portal(CMS or Portal) – 2007
    – IBM AppScan, WatchFire Fortify(Security testing Tool) – 2006/10
    – Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g – 2007/01
    – Warevalley Chakra

2000 ~ 2003

  • Role : Network engineer, Server engineer
  • Skill/Tech : Network(from cabling to Router(L3)), Firewall, Linux Server, Windows Server, Unix Server

Personal Experiences / not much professional experiences

  • Open Source Software : Tomcat and so many open source softwares 2006 ~ 
    ( OpenLDAP, Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, Memcached, Redis, Rabbitmq, etc .. )
  • Open Source Software Contribution experience : Horde Project Translation 2013


  • Project : Messenger software for Windows. (based on Pandion, replacing framework with CEF framework) in 2015. didn’t complete.
  • Project : In-house business software : in 2015 ~ 2016. didn’t complete. Java, Spring, Spring Security, Mybatis, dojo toolkit, Maven ..


  • iOS App Maintenance/Release Manager : SNS for iOS – in 2016 for about three months.


  • OpenStack Deployment : in 2015, 2016, Kilo 2Set, Mitaka 1Set


  • IT administration for company : Network administer, Server administer, Setting up webmail system(using open source software), and many other systems.

About the Programming Languages

– Java : Have Enough Experience(but not deeply. widely). worked as a WAS engineer.
I used it as a Major language for Commercial Project.

– JavaScript : have enough experiences. but still need more experiences.
I used jQuery, extjs, dojo and etc.
(recently I think I need to experience more about bootstrap, angular, vuejs, … etc.)

– C : read a few book. possibly read the basic code. No experience of Commercial Project.
– C++ : read a few book. no deep understanding of C++ nature. No experience of Commercial Project.

– Python : Have some experiences. Developed a pretty cool monitoring tool using Tkinter. (in 2018 ~ 2019)
For the web project, Django is a interesting framework.
I started a few microsized-Django project.(less than 5 MVC components)
I think python has many built-in standard libraries. And ‘Python is everywhere’ so I love to use it.
I usually comparing python to javascript. both language have pros and cons.
Python provides more usable toolings, Javascript is more formal.(in my opinion)

– Objective-C : read a few books. but I want to develop iOS App.
I had experience of iOS app maintenance for a short-time(about 3 months)
I’m still reading books and practicing.
someday I need to experience Swift, but still I’m digging Objective-C for the experience of C and C++

– Perl : read book once. to implement one simple script.
Perl was great at that time.
in my opinion, the $ syntax may not be needed.(many languages doesn’t have it)
(but I know perl had influenced many languages php, python, ruby…)
in my opinion, the worst thing is the lack of OOP concept.

– Ruby : read book once. to understand the tool GitLab, Redmine. But now I have no idea.
I prefer python than ruby.


  • DBMS Experiences.
    – Have used it for years for my personal server and development purpose.
    – mysql(mariadb), postgresql, oracle, sqlite
    – no deep understanding of DBMS itself or optimizer and etc.
    – but have worked in a company that is excellent at DBMS.
    – I use mariadb for daily on my server. but I need to extend my experience of postgresql, and database engine internals.


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