Year 2022

Dec 2022 - Deploying Mobile App with Fastlane Dec 2022 - Reading Pro Go Nov 2022 - Started with Azure cloud Sep, Oct, Nov 2022 - Backend, Frontend experience Babel-node, React, TypeScript Oct 2022 - Bought Pico PC Sep 2022 - Migrate mail from EC2 to Google Workspaces was : postfix + dovecot + sieve + horde, ejabberd Aug 2022 - Migrate zabbix-server from EC2 to RPi4 (zabbix-server was running on AWS EC2 t3.
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Register mDNS to AWS Route53

Register mDNS records to AWS Route53 In local network, I can use mDNS names like DESKTOP-RHM4944.local, but I cannot use mDNS name over OpenVPN. I uses openvpn to access office network, and I want to be able to find out client IP of certain PC. and the PC uses DHCP to obtain dynamic IP. I have AWS environment, so I can use Route32 to resolve local hostname.
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GnuPG 사용하기 export 내보내기 # -a : output file will be encoded in `base64` # --export : export all public keys gpg -a --export >mypubkeys.asc # -a : output file will be encoded in `base64` # --export-secret-keys : export secret keys gpg -a --export-secret-keys >myprivatekeys.asc # --export-owntrust : 모르겠다. gpg --export-ownertrust >otrust.txt import 가져오기 # --import : import public keys or private keys gpg --import myprivatekeys.
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Wifi QR Code Code Format WIFI:S:<SSID>;T:<WEP|WPA|blank>;P:<PASSWORD>;H:<true|false|blank>;; example WIFI:S:DGKIM5G;T:WPA2;P:secretWiFi@@;; Reference

Reserve Docker Network Aws Vpc uses

Script #!/bin/bash # to prevent docker to pickup docker network \ create \ --subnet \ aws_vpc Description While you are developing, it is convenient if you are using VPN to access AWS VPC. But, some times you may experience some of container cannot access AWS Resources. In that case, the container might be being assigned docker network that is overwrapping with AWS VPC network.
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Twitter Espeak

Install rainbowstream Install espeak Prepare text stream Run read and speaker Run rainbowstream and feed texts What if my tweets can be heard Install rainbowstream rainbowstream is a twitter client for linux cli. prepare python venv python3 -m venv venv source venv/bin/activate install rainbowstream pip install rainbowstream run rainbowstream rainbowstream # you will be asked to login to twitter Install espeak espeak is TTS software for linux
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Prep Python Project

Assuming Python3 is already installed Create python3 virtual environment Install pip and pip-tools Installing libraries Here is how I prepare python projects. Assuming Python3 is already installed I uses python3 installed by default via OS package. or brew python3 (But if I have a chance to use conda and the others, I may try) Create python3 virtual environment I uses venv module
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