This Year

Aug 2022 - Migrate zabbix-server from EC2 to RPi4 (zabbix-server was running on AWS EC2 t3.small, was first running on X200) to reduce monthly cost of t3.small + EBS 60 GB zabbix is mainly for home network monitoring. Aug 2022 - Migrate Blog from WordPress to Hugo (WordPress was running on GCP CE e2-small) to reduce monthly cost of GCP CE e2-small + 20 GB Storage since I don’t write many articles, just static website is sufficient added another static website for testing simple web pages.
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Twitter Espeak

Install rainbowstream Install espeak Prepare text stream Run read and speaker Run rainbowstream and feed texts What if my tweets can be heard Install rainbowstream rainbowstream is a twitter client for linux cli. prepare python venv python3 -m venv venv source venv/bin/activate install rainbowstream pip install rainbowstream run rainbowstream rainbowstream # you will be asked to login to twitter Install espeak espeak is TTS software for linux
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Prep Python Project

Assuming Python3 is already installed Create python3 virtual environment Install pip and pip-tools Installing libraries Here is how I prepare python projects. Assuming Python3 is already installed I uses python3 installed by default via OS package. or brew python3 (But if I have a chance to use conda and the others, I may try) Create python3 virtual environment I uses venv module
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Linux Sshd Notification

/etc/pam.d/sshd /etc/pam.scripts/ For security reasons, I created a script to notify me when someone(ME) access my server. I created slack notification script, I will not explain about how to create slackbot here. You can have a good time to configuring slack bot. /etc/pam.d/sshd Append follow line to /etc/pam.d/sshd session required /etc/pam.scripts/ /etc/pam.scripts/ Create /etc/pam.scripts/ file. and make the file executable chmod +x /etc/pam.scripts/ #!/bin/bash SLACK_URL=https://slack.
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Creating Hugo

Creating Hugo Website for the first time hugo new site www Creating first page hugo new posts/

Year 2021

Dec 2021 - Sphinx, jsdoc. Started to Write documentation for API and SDK. Dec 2021 - Subscribed Amazon Prime Video Nov 2021 - Jasper Reports Nov 2021 - Revealjs, Serverless-Container (python + oracle instant client) Oct 2021 - Migrate from Linode to GCP (the linode iOS app is no longer updated. so I decided to migrate to GCP) Oct 2021 - Start using Google Workspace (to use google products with my own domain dgkim.
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MacOS LDAP Authentication

I configured iMac to use My OpenLDAP server. There were several problems. I will not talk about configuring ‘Directory Utility’. (If you know how to configure LDAP server and the basic method of configuring LDAP client, you will not have much difficulty in configuring LDAP client using ‘Directory Utility’) 1. First, try to switch user using sudo su command like 'sudo su - dgkim', there was problem accessing dgkim's home directory.
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