The year 2021

Dec 2021 – Sphinx, jsdoc. Started to Write documentation for API and SDK.

Dec 2021 – Subscribed Amazon Prime Video

Nov 2021 – Jasper Reports

Nov 2021 – Revealjs, Serverless-Container (python + oracle instant client)

Oct 2021 – Migrate from Linode to GCP (the linode iOS app is no longer updated. so I decided to migrate to GCP)

Oct 2021 – Start using Google Workspace (to use google products with my own domain

Oct 2021 – Switch my main bank from Citibank to Toss bank

Oct 2021 – Move to Seoul (from Gunpo)

Sep 2021 – OLAP, AWS RedShift tested..

Aug 2021 – jupyter, google sheets integration

Jul 2021 – Migrate homeserver to libreboot X200. Re-install Ubuntu on Vostro 260s, Start using lxd container, docker container for homeserver.

Jul 2021 – swagger doc, plantuml

Jun 2021 – Superset, SwiftUI

May 2021 – Sonarqube, AWS App Mesh,

Apr 2021 – Jupyter notebook, Jupyter hub

Mar 2021 – aws ecs devops script

Feb 2021 – openldap, openvpn, devpi, verdaccio, epsagon, doc site, aws api gateway documentation, jupyter notebook

Jan 2021 – Transfer to AWS Route53 (from IBI, DNSEver)

Jan 2021 – AWS App Mesh

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