The year 2019

    • January
      • Japanese – Just hiragana, katakana
    • February
      • my first Apple Watch(1st generation) died. 2015.07. ~ 2019.02. (battery is swollen)
    • March
      • Spring Web MVC + Spring Security archetype project. (
      • Python server project. (2-tier to 3-tier application renovation, http server that provides JSON data service. extended SimpleHTTPServer module. first-try of Decorator.) Spring based module also will be.
    • May
      • retirement of Vostro 260s (My main desktop switched to Hulk, i7, 32GB RAM, 128 SSD, 1TB(*2 RAID1) HDD
      • Beginning Swift
      • Glimpse of Qt 4.8.6 C++, with Visual Studio 2008 C++ project.
      • Purchased another Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
        • Purchased sensor kits for RPi, especially DHT11 temperature, humidity sensor.
    • June
      • Spring Web Project (RPi Sensor chart, and MQ, and IoT control)
    • July, August, September
      • Job seeking.
    • October
      • New job, OpenStack operations. new town.
    • November
      • New Server, LDAP, Django Project(id service)
      • OpenStack Queens Test
      • DBA Role : PostgreSQL
    • December
      • New Django Project (Linux monitoring)

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