2019 May IoT project

As I previously posted, I made a WiFi AC remote controller project. see telegram bot for HVAC

Today, I begin a new project to go further.

I purchased another Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, AND Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit. (http://m.eleparts.co.kr/goods/view?no=3730500 and http://m.eleparts.co.kr/goods/view?no=3030452)

(I just wanted to purchase sensor only, but I can’t sure, I could attach these sensors to my existing RPi, so I posted a question to a forum https://www.cooking-hacks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=19434&sid=d89e064868d4a0dce0c58ea7a6490bde)

And, I tested DHT11 as https://github.com/deokgonkim/rpi_sensor


My next step will be,

1. set up a messaging queue, like Rabbit MQ

2. set up a web/api server for gathering the data and the controll center.

3. my existing bot code shoud be migrated to a new server, and these two RPi should listen to MQ for commands, and should send data to MQ.


To be continued…

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